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Program Details...

CCTC - Children's Crisis Treatment Center

(Trauma Services Department)

1080 N Delaware Avenue, Suite 600
Philadelphia, PA 19125

Program Description

CCTC's Trauma Services Department serves children ages 18 months through 13 years old, who have witnessed or experienced a recent traumatic event such as homicide, community violence, fire, a serious accident, physical or sexual abuse, neglect, or domestic violence. CCTC's trauma-focused treatment includes an evaluation of the child's functioning and symptoms and provides specialized individual and family therapy to help children and their families recover from traumatic events. CCTC also provides professional training on trauma-related topics.

Program Specialization

Domestic Violence, Child Abuse, Homicide, Sexual Assault, Services for Children exposed to trauma, violence and/or abuse

Services Provided

Crime Victims Compensation, Crisis Response, (school based), (community based), Education, (schools), (community), (professional training), Counseling, (individual child), (family), Criminal Justice/Legal Advocacy, (court accompaniment), (case management),


Children 0-12,



English and Spanish

Service Area:

Entire Region,


Insurance, Services are offered with some insurances; medical assistance and crime victims compensation

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