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Philadelphia Police Department, Victim Services Unit

(Victim Assistance Officer Program - Neighborhood Based)

Call each district for location
Philadelphia, PA 
See list for each VAO phone #

Program Description

Victim Assistance Officers (VAO) are assigned to each district in Philadelphia to assist victims of crime. Each district with their assigned VAO are detailed as follows: Airport: Capt. Domenic Magucci 215-937-6816 and VAO Michael Kennedy 215-937-6918 1st District: Capt. Carmen Vuotto Jr. 215-686-3010 and VAO Latanya Oglesby 215-686-3017; 2nd District: Capt. Michael McCarrick 215-686-3020 and VAO Stephanie Ahrndt 215-686-3020; 3rd District: Capt. Michael Weaver 215-686-3030 and VAO Susan Paul 215-686-1675; 4th District: Capt. Joseph Zaffino 215-686-3040 and VAO Linda Rednauer 215-686-1675; 5th District: Capt. John Cerrone 215-686-3050 and VAO Toni Madgey 215-686-3052; 6th District: Capt. Brian Korn 215-686-3060 and VAO Carol Young 215-686-3063; 7th District: Capt. Aloysius Martin 215-686-3070 and VAO Jacqueline Senior 215-686-3070; 8th District: Capt. Joseph Dilaqua 215-686-3080 and VAO Mark Jerdan 215-685-9377; 9th District: Capt. Dennis Cullen 215-686-3090 and VAO Tracy Lewis 215-686-3089; 12th District: Capt. Khalid Syed 215-686-3120 VAO Lisa McDowell 215-686-3122; 14th District: Capt. Winton Singletary 215-686-3140 and VAO Sabra Johnson 215-685-2148; 15th District: Capt. Deborah Kelly 215-686-3150 and VAO Christine Murphy 215-685-8698; 16th District: Capt. Christine Coulter 215-686-3160 and VAO Erica Parker 215-686-3163; 17th District: Capt. Kevin Bethel 215-686-3170 and VAO Pamela Canada 215-685-1747; 18th District: Capt. Gregory Malkowski 215-686-3180 and VAO Sherry McDaniels 215-243-0667/8; 19th District: Capt. Branville Bard 215-686-3190 and VAO Shawn Hamilton 215-686-3192; 22nd District: Capt. Michael Costello 215-686-3220 and VAO Viviana Young 215-685-2732; 23rd District: Capt. Sharon Seabourough 215-686-3230 and VAO Thomas Wilmer 215-978-2706; 24th District: Capt. David Mockus 215-686-3240 and VAO Laurie Carter 215-685-9963; 25th District: Capt. Francis Bachmayer 215-686-3250 and VAO Zoraida Charon 215-686-9964; 26th District: Capt. Louis Campione 215-686-3260 and VAO Rita Devlin 215-686-3261; 35th District: Capt. John McCloskey 215-686-3350 and VAO Linda Heatherington 215-924-9540; 39th District: Capt. Steven Glen 215-686-3394 and VAO Karen Byrd 215-225-4040; 92nd District: Capt. Anthony Desher 215-686-7292 and VAO Edward Dzielinski 215-685-7292

Program Specialization

Neighborhood Victim Service Agency,

Services Provided

Crime Victims Compensation, Crisis Response, (community based), Criminal Justice/Legal Advocacy, (court accompaniment), (legal services),


Children 0-12, Adolescents 12-18, Adults 18+, Seniors,


Females and Males



Service Area:

see each district for VAO contact


Services offered free of charge,

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