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Good Shepherd Mediation Program

(Good Shepherd Mediation Program)

5356 Chew Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19138

Program Description

The mission of the Good Shepherd Mediation Program (GSMP) is to encourage peace, reconciliation, and social justice through the use of mediation and other constructive conflict resolution processes. GSMP works to empower Philadelphia community residents to creatively search for meaningful and lasting solutions to their conflicts without resorting to crime or violence. With the use of a trained neutral third party, GSMP's Restorative Justice Initiative provides four (4) models of dialogue to allow victims a voice in a just process. Voluntary services that include Victim-Offender Conferencing, Restorative Group Conferencing, Healing Circles ad Family Group Decision Making allow victims to increase their knowledge of the offense, hold the offending person directly accountable, build upon their support system and the opportunity to heal from their victimization. A Victim's choice of services is dependent on their interest to invite the offending person into the process. Models may be adapted to address a large variety of issues that do not include the offending person. GSMP's Community Mediation services accept referrals for neighborhood, small claims, petty crimes, housing and employment disputes. GSMP's Family passages Initiative provides mediation services that include Parent-Youth Mediation, Divorce, Custody and Partnership Dissolution. Additional mediation services include Elder Mediation, Multi-Party Mediation, Truancy Mediation, Conflict Coaching and Meeting Facilitation. GSMP provides a variety of Training and Consulting Services. Please refer to our website for 2009 training opportunities.

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